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Dr. Lense came alive after two passions
merged into a final product. Medicine
and photography fused to give
birth to a new way to express reality.


The necessity to question oneself, “What am I?”, was fundamental to drive this life project that has possessed the creator completely. As the first realization of the author, he is his body. The necessity to understand the human body as an organism was a vital point. Therefore, medical knowledge demanded a period of study in order to have a clearer panorama of how the organism works.

Through science, we can say that we are an organism composed of internal organisms like cells. To find a core of matter was an inside necessity to understand what we are, like biomachines. However, conforming to science, as it entered into the microcosmic world, we find that cells are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of electrons, quarks, and so on. An infinite field extends the same way externally. But the main ingredient, both external and internal, is the void. We are 99.99% void. From humans to planets to galaxies, etc., we are bound in every atom of us with all this amazing monster of energy that has no beginning and has no end. As a cell here in this vast organism, the author tries to remember what he is. And Dr. Lense came alive to join the author on this amazing path.

Sebastían Hidalgo