Sebastian Hidalgo | International Author



Klara Bergmann, a Jewish woman and former journalist, has to witness her grandfather’s cold-blooded murder by the hands of a Nazi soldier. For the young woman, that moment is the beginning of an odyssey that – with the help of the Klein family – will force her to travel through Germany and hide in Warsaw.
Her peace is short-lived and the shadows of Nazism looms over Europe, and Klara isn’t safe. Alone and once again forced to run in warn-torn world, will she be able to find safety?

Johannes Neumann is a high-ranked SS soldier. His notorious cruelty, his strong friendship with Himmler and a morbid bond with Adolf Hitler, have given him a career: in
Dachau’s camp he’s the only real authority, as ironclad as his own faith in the Reich.
But yet, bearing witness to the destruction of Warsaw and receiving disturbing news will put his whole world to the test, forcing him to ask himself the question that, sooner or later, haunts every one of us: who I really am?
In the middle of World War II their paths will move towards one another time and time again without never really crossing, until a conclusion in which everything loses significance and survival is the only option.
Looking for an Agent


An unknown continent in a new world: the soothing voice of an older Abelhard of Nekar walks the reader through the dark, wretched tales of a yet-to-be-explored reality in which the lines between legend and reality are blurred to an unsettling point.

With knowledge as his best weapon and his death approaching, Abelhard risks his life by introducing the reader to the path to a much larger and complex story: the untold history of Ayselan, an epic that, according to him, will speak on behalf of the victims of systemic oppression and break the mental chains of mankind.

Only in Italian