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Lawless Justice by Karina Kantas

Lawless Justice by Karina Kantas

When Streets of Fire came out in 1984 with the catchphrase “A Rock & Roll Fable“, you would’ve never thought that it was the perfect one for a book that was more than 30 years away from being written.

And yet, that’s the case. Whether you call it Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy or The Warriors, our society is used to stories that make you want to be part of them, and it is used to protagonists that make you want to be a badass just like them: the thing is, we are just not used to those protagonists being female.
Lawless Justice Book Cover
Lawless Justice OUTLAW Series Thriller, Crime Fiction Kindle/Paperback 256

These Kittnz have claws. Six empowering women that own the night. – Rating: 5/5

[WARNING: No spoilers ahead]

The Author

When I was first approached by Karina Kantas and her representation team – to whom I would like to say “thank you” to for being so polite and nice – I wasn’t expecting what was coming my way.
Karina is an incredibly prolific author of thirteen books, as well as an entrepreneur that hosts the popular radio show Author Assist on the Artist First Radio Network and host of the YouTube show, Behind The Pen.

The Book

Lawless Justice” is an MC thriller set in Northampton, UK.
Cass is a young women that has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and, tired of letting people walk over her, decides to turn her life around for good: this is where the Kittnz enter the equation – they’re a motorcycle gang of stunningly beautiful women that serve their community with punches and knives as the good old tools of their vigilante occupation.

The story’s rhythm is quick and Karina’s style will barely allow you to take a breath as you follow Raven, Ice, Eve, Scarlet, Storm and Jade throughout their double life as normal women by day and charmingly lethal women by night.
Lawless Justice flows like a bestseller, the characterization is nothing short of impressive and the story has a great balance of moments of calm in-between the physical and psychological action. When reading this book you will get to know and appreciate each one of the Kittnz, while at the same time slowly discovering more about them and what brings them together.

Karina Kantas tries to make these female characters authentic and avoids successfully the trap of just taking a male counterpart and dressing it as a woman, while at the same time showing a great deal of knowledge about how an MC works.

Sisterhood, trauma, friendship, family, self-worth, power, respect and reputation are some of the many themes this book deals with, and the author doesn’t forget to induce the reader to reflect upon the role of violence in human nature and the power it has to change someone’s character.

Lawless Justice is a female tale that embraces universal concepts that are in every single one of us and the novel is a powerful page-turner that will have you always wanting for more.

I love reading novels to the sound of music and let me tell you: you could be tempted to read this while cranking up some AC/DC in your headphones, but a tale of badass women requires a badass female voice – which is the reason I went with The Pretty Reckless most of the time.

Lawless Justice

The Verdict

Like I said in the beginning, Lawless Justice‘s catchphrase should be “A Rock & Roll Fable“, and the strongest asset of this books is perhaps the way it turns the tables on your expectations: you would have an easy time finding five stories where men are so badass that you want to be like them or part of them, but if I dared you to five the same amount of those stories with females as main characters… you would be in trouble, my friend.

Did I fall in love with the Kittnz? Well, maybe a little bit, but hell who wouldn’t!?
Most of all, I found myself wishing I could be one of them and live that life, breathe that sisterhood – this makes this book not only extremely empowering but also a story you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The ending is one of those rare ones that leaves you there, in a paradox where you don’t want it to end while at the same time you’re just happy and you hope that there isn’t a sequel, because the story is just perfect as it is.

I don’t know how often this will happen in the blog, but if this book isn’t a 5/5, then I have no idea of what could be.


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