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Karina Kantas: in-depth with the Author

Karina Kantas: in-depth with the Author

This week’s edition of In-Depth with the Author will bring us closer to the mind behind the rock & roll, all-female tale of Lawless Justice, an MC thriller set in the UK.
It’s been a hectic week and I’m late with this post, but I honestly could not wait to read this author’s answers to my question and get to know her more. Reading this book has been great, just like it was great to speak with the author.

No stupid questions, no filler liners, no filters: this is in-depth with the Author, and today’s protagonist is Karina Kantas, the fascinating mind behind “Lawless Justice“.

Karina Kantas, author of “Lawless Justice”
1- Tell me a little more about yourself – who’s Karina Kantas?

Well, I was born in the UK, midlands and came over on holiday to Corfu Greece when I was 18 and fell in love. I’ve always loved writing and so published my first book when I lived in Greece. I used to sing in a rock band and now sing in in the Island’s rock choir. I’ve always been a fan of bikes, bikers and rock music and so writing about outlaw MC’s seemed to be the ideal theme for me.

2- Define yourself in a short sentence.

I’m loyal and driven and take one day at a time.

3- What inspired Lawless Justice? And the Kittnz?

I had already written two OUTLAW MC books and wanted to write a story about a female MC. (Why should the men always get the limelight) The idea for the Kittnz came from the film Death Proof and the badass women that take on Kurt Russel. The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino, and that’s who I would love to direct Lawless Justice.

4- How did you get your deep knowledge about the MC world? 

I grew up around bikers. I was never in a club, but I was always around them. So I knew the stuff that went on. Then when I decided to write my own novels, I used films and book for more in-depth research.

5- How much did male MC and vigilante fiction inspire you for this book?

I think the vigilante idea came from the film Death Wish starring Charles Bronson. That film has always stayed with me. And I loved the idea of the ladies leading a double life. MC’s are mainly male members and the woman are their ladies, that don’t have a membership or good standing in the MC. So what goes on in an outlaw MC certainly played a part in Lawless Justice. The difference being the Kittnz are vigilantes and not drug sellers or deal in the gun or sex trafficking.

6- How long did it take you to write the book?

This actually was one of the quickest books to write. I wrote Lawless Justice in the summer while working the night shift in a Dr’s surgery. So around 4 months for the first draft.

7- What does your creative process look like?

Most of my ideas come from dreams and nightmares and I always start my novels off with a conflict scene. Then you have to answer the questions why did that happen and what happens next? It’s a three-part act, start middle end. I always know the start and how the book should end. But the middle is a mystery until I start writing and the characters come alive.

8- When did you start writing and why do you write?

I was writing stories from age 12 upwards but didn’t take it seriously until I moved to Greece. I had plenty of time on my hands and was inspired to work on a short story I wrote when I was 16, in the end, this became my first published book, In Times Of Violence. I wrote ITOV after reading S.E. Hinton’s amazing novellas including the infamous The Outsiders. I write for closure. I write because I’m passionate about the subject matter. I write because I have to get the ideas and voices out of my head.

9- What’s the message you want people to get from this novel?

As with all stories, they have to be entertaining and OTT for the reader to enjoy. I try to stay true to the subject matter and allow people a look inside the heads of these outlaw women. Why they do what they do and how they cope. There’s no message to the book, just an insight into our society and the darkness of the heart and mind.

10- With over 10 works to your name and two shows, I can’t help but considering you a career author: what’s your advice for up-and-comers?

I write on my weekends and promote my 13 titles on the weekends, as I work for my clients ( other authors) throughout the week. I have been in this industry for over 27 years and have seen a lot of changes. I still take courses to keep up with the new policies and working marketing techniques. My only advice to new authors is not to try publishing your book until it’s 100 % ready. That means a professional cover, professional editors and making sure you’re book is formatted professionally. A book has only one chance when it goes live and if it’s not polished then the bad reviews come and that’s the book and your name ruined. You’ve worked hard writing this novel, don’t go and ruin its chances by cutting corners.

11- How does a normal day in your life play out? How many hours do you devote to writing, and how many to your other projects?

My computer goes on at 10 am Greek time when I start promoting my clients, working my Author Assist services which include, design teasers, ads, creating book trailers and doing narrations, and many more services. That finishes around 8-9 pm. After I go to bed my other laptop comes on and I read and do some of my own book promotions until I fall asleep. But as I suffer from insomnia, I’m almost online 24/7. I use the weekends to work on my own manuscripts and edits and marketing of my books.

12- Where can people find you on social media?

I’m on FaceBook –

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  1. Thanks so much for the interview and for reviewing and loving my MC thriller, vigilante, Lawless Justice.

    1. You’re welcome Karina, it was a real pleasure!

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