Sebastian Hidalgo | International Author

Sebastian Hidalgo is an author born January 16th, 1995 in Venezuela, where he spent his childhood before moving to Italy in 2005.
He wrote his first book – an historical novel “Phree Massen – Enlightened” at 15 years of age and published it at 17 with an Italian publisher. His work debuted at the Turin Book Festival and was later presented live on Sky‘s TGcom24 in a popular science program called Time House.

After studying languages in High School and obtaining a certification in “Hostage Negotiation”, he went on to graduate in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Trento in 2017.
In December 2018 he published in second historical novel, “Aquila Ebrea” – the novel is not available in the market anymore and marks Sebastian’s last published book in Italian.

Although he managed to finish university, he fell out of love with that academic field halfway into his second year and embraced writing: he wrote a space opera called “Kepler 452-B” that won a honorable mention in a national contest.

In 2019 he was in charge of the editing of two books from Italian poet Maddalena Vettori, and that same year he moved to the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Parting ways both with Italy and Italian as a language, he decided to focus on writing exclusively in English.

He is currently working on the foundational book of a fantasy saga while leading his own company, a digital agency called H-M3DIA.

He defines himself a martial artist obsessed with health, a Freemason, a proud supporter of emerging authors and a member of Twitter’s #WritingCommunity. His latest work, Star-Crøssed, is an historical novel based on his 2018’s Italian work “Jewish Eagle”: after doing the translation himself, he decided to turn it into a significant overhaul of the entire plot. For more infos about the book, click here.