Sebastian Hidalgo

Welcome, Indie Author

I’m so happy that you made it to this section!
This website was re-designed with the specific goal in mind of helping indie authors. It would’ve been a shame to let this platform closed, but at the same time there was no point at all in making it public just to use it as a blog for my thoughts and ideas. This is why, after interacting a lot with the #WritingCommunity of Twitter and launching a poll asking if it was a good idea, I’ve decided to turn this into a place to spread the word about indie authors and the wonderful work they are doing.

Nevertheless, I figured we need some rules if we want this thing to work out for the better, so here we go:

Any Genre

If you follow me, you know I’m all about cutting the bullshit.
I’ve heard there’s people out there refusing to read and review books that contain cheating, violence, sex scenes, LGTBQ+ themes… For me, true art encompasses every single aspect of the human experience, even those we would like to run away from: I review everything, and I fucking mean it – so bring it on.

No Negativity

Listen, authors and artists in general get enough shit already, especially independent ones: if you pitch me your book or I decide to read it and end up not liking at all, I won’t review it. I don’t want to ruin your day or kill your motivation, so there’s no point in hurting authors with a negative review.
For this reason, if I won’t be announcing in advance the books I’ll review.

Full Positivity

I review only books I truly like, but this doesn’t mean I won’t highlight potential room for improvement: however, I promise you my critique, if there’s any, will never be presented ignorantly or in a rude way.  I will showcase your strengths, and the review will be posted on Amazon or whatever platform you are using to sell your work.

Review + Interview

After I review a book, I love to follow up with a written interview to the author – by sending me a book for review, you’ll also accepting the interview… Unless you have a good reason not to want to spread your message, that is, but if that’s the case I’ll respect your decision because I’m very into the last rule:

Be Patient

I’m still not making a living with my writing, so I often don’t have all the time I wish I had: if I tell you I’ll review your book, it can take a while. However, every promise becomes a debt, and hate not keeping my word: be patient, you’ll get that review.

Show Respect

I won’t delete comments, but if you want to debate or leave your opinion here or on Twitter, respect me, the author and the book’s content. There’s no way any of us can agree on everything, but if things start getting ugly I’m not the one to pull punches or back out – if you want beef, we’ll beef.