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Writing Tips

Writing Tips

Let's talk about writing and writers. Because I know that you're somwhere out there.
And I know that you, you reading right now, are part of that little group of people I was part of as well.

Up-and-coming Authors

Up-and-coming authors. Or inexperienced authors.
It's blatant I'm talking about them.
We can call them what we want, but they exist and they're some kind of mythological creature. They have different ages and backgrounds: they're hiding. They're sitting at home, in class or at work and write for hours without a long term plan. And then there are those that have their finger on the trigger of their pen but can't get to shoot that first word; they can't break the ice of that boring, empty white page. And there are other ones as well, those who hesitate in front of their finished effort. They hide behind the comfort of the sentence "I write for myself" or "nobody will like this" instead of taking the wheel and send their work to someone.

I was one of you as well.
I had 15 years when, after three months of daily work after school, I finished “Phree Massen – Enlightened”.
The first thing I did was celebrate.
The second was close the file, lock it up with a password and put it inside that cold, dark place full of spider webs where thousands of unknown books widn up, alone and abandoned.

Whole worlds trapped inside a notebook, a PC or a pen drive.
Potential masterpieces left to rot, exiled by our fear of not being enough.

My story

Phree Massen wasn't a masterpiece for sure, but it was quite remarkable for a 15-year-old boy: it was my father the one to realize it and, with a good dose of vision, he forced me to print it and send it to several publishing houses. Ambition was always a thing in my house, and by then hybris had already made itself a comfortable home in hour heads, therefore more than twenty publishers were sent a copiy of my novel. Among them there were also the major Italian publishing houses - which, obviously, never got back to us.

And still, somebody did. Hell, even two answered: a publisher from Naples wrote with an offer for an e-book publication, and one from Aosta – Keltia Editrice – wrote us offering a physical publication. I'm not a fan of digital books, so I went for Keltia and the rest is history. But the point is that now I wouldn't have a project to work on, nor another book, nor a foreword from a famous guy if I didn't send that first boo, Let me tell you more: if I kept that book for myself, I wouldn't have achieve even one of the things that makes me proud of my almost 24 years walking in this world, and now I'd be a completely different person. And that's why I owe to my parents everything that has happened since then.
I owe to them my firm belief in the fact that I can make a career out of this.

Writing Tips

So I decided to start a weekly column of writing tips in order to be for somebody what my family was for me, to return the Universe the favor in some way.
Writing is a solitary job, but motivation and sharing are teamwork. Whether you are writers, aspiring writers or just readers, every Tuesday you will be able to read here the best advice I can give after almost 10 years of writing. You will find my feelings, my motivation and my reflections on writing:

I hope you'll find them useful.

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