Sebastian Hidalgo

Sebastiàn Hidalgo

"I write books and wear black"

Sebastiàn Hidalgo, full name Sebastian De Gesù Di Pietro Hidalgo, was born in 1995 in Venezuela, where he lived and went to school until, in 2005, his family is forced to flee the country due to the political oppression of Hugo Chavez's government, that retailated against those who voted against Chavez in a referendum.
He moves to Riva del Garda, Italy, in 2005, where he attends middle and high school. In 2012 he publishes his first historical novel “
Phree Massen – I Figli della Luce”, written in 2010 and launched at the Turin International Book Fair, and presented on live television in the program "Time House", with famous Italian TV personality Alessandro Cecchi Paone. That day he becomes the first DeMolay to ever be featured in Italian television wearing his complete regalia, and in the very International Order of DeMolay as member of Milan's Fidelitas Chapter: he become National Master Councilor for the Jurisdiction of Italy first, and Grand Commanders of the Chevalier later.

In 2013 he takes part to theCOTIPSO (Certificate of Training in Peace Support Operations) with Ecole Universitaire Internationale, and by completing the first part of it he is awarded a certificate in “Hostage Negotiation”. He finishes his second historical novel “Jewish Eagle”. 
In 2014 he obtains his high school diploma and starts studying International Relations in the University of Trento. During this time he starts and finishes his third literary work, a sci-fi novel called “Kepler 452-B”, that is awarded a Honorable Mention in the "Literature is World" literary contest.
He attains his Bachelor's Degree in International Relations Consegue la laurea in Studi Internazionali in 2017, same year in which he becomes a Freemason in the Great Orient of Italy and signs a contract for his novel stesso anno in cui entra a far parte del Grande Oriente d’Italia e firma un contratto per il suo romanzo “Jewish Eagle” with 
He currently lives in Tenno, Italy, where he pursues his career as a bestselling author.

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