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Beloved Unloved: a webtoon to spotlight

Beloved Unloved: a webtoon to spotlight

Cursed to forever be unloved, Oliver wanted nothing more than to live a quiet and simple life. A life free from Soulmates and Twin Flames. But when he ends up serving as a bodyguard to an esteemed Oracle, he can’t help but find himself pulled into the mysteries and drama surrounding the city of Dragoste.

Beloved Unloved” – official synopsis from

Beloved Unloved is a webtoon created by Nine Muzes and that has been out for a few weeks now, with a new chapter coming out every Thursday.
The webtoon’s first chapter came out next week, and despite being only the beginning of this journey, over 10K people have viewed the webtoon, giving it an outstanding rating.

Beloved Unloved‘s plot gets you hooked pretty quickly due to the curiosity-inducing pen of writer Mizzy Hime and that comes to life thanks to the masterful illustrations by artist Chabibit.

This week, despite being just at the early stages of the story, Beloved Unloved‘s undeniable quality and potential have been noticed by the platform itself – Webtoons -, that recommended it in their “Spotlight” section.

Even if you’re into webtoons, you should give this one a try – it will be worth it!

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